Addictive Personality?

S/he has an addictive personality. What absolutely is an addictive personality? Does it even exist? Let’s acquisition out.

What is personality

We call personality as those accepted and constant ancestry or characteristics of an individual. Maybe you’re approachable or shy, analytical or easy-going. The abstraction is this isn’t artlessly an casual way you may behave. It’s added like your absence if all abroad fails.

Scholars advance abundant of personality is formed in aboriginal childhood. Certainly by adolescent adolescence personality is able-bodied established. Modifications to personality can appear but the absence is still who you are unless something is done intentionally.

What is addiction

Addiction is best declared as a concrete and/or cerebral assurance on a affection altering actuality with expectations of a advantageous experience. People are absorbed to all kinds of things abounding of which are not consequential.

Alcohol and or drugs are what we anticipate of if we call addiction but there are others that can be included. Sex, internet, pornography, adventure gluttonous are a few beneath discussed addictions, but non the beneath accommodate to our definition.

Similarities amid personality and addiction

Personality and addiction are both accepted and furnishings a lot of aspects of a person’s life. If you accede an individual’s behavior, just as you would call backwardness you could aswell accompanying their fixation on their biologic or behavior of choice.

Personality and addiction are both difficult to modify. If change is to action alfresco advice may be necessary. It takes cogent accomplishment and charge for this change to happen.

Addiction and personality are both anticipated in the abbreviate and long-term. If a being is absorbed to one actuality it actual accessible they will be absorbed to added substances. It’s not consistently accurate but is actual common.

Differences amid personality and addiction

Personality is added of a appropriate of an alone while addiction is a behavior brought about based on choices.

You can affected addiction with abutment and/or able help. Personality on the added duke is abundant added accepted and beneath acceptable to change even with able help.

While individuals absorbed to one actuality may be absorbed to others they generally accept no absorption in added addictive substances. If it were artlessly personality there wouldn’t be aberration apropos biologic of best issues.

Addiction is beheld by abounding professionals as an affliction with signs and affection and needs to be advised as such. Personality disturbances are advised to be brainy bloom issues.


There’s no abuse in anecdotic an alone as accepting an addictive personality. However, in absoluteness addiction is added allotment of the individuals acquired behavior than personality.

Individuals do not charge to accept their personality is awry because they accept an addiction. Behaviors surrounding addiction actualize abundant issues to handle if you adjudge to get into recovery. You just don’t charge to accomplish it any harder be clouding the issue.